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Claim Group shoulder the pressure of your claim and negotiate on your behalf with your finance or insurance company, their loss adjuster and any specialists required. 

Unlike your finance provider, insurer, or their agents, we work directly for you and in your best interests to ensure your claim is settled as quickly as possible, using our expertise and vast experience in claims management.

Claim Group work exclusively for claimants and have extensive knowledge of finance policies, insurance polices and the whole claims processes. 



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How we help you

  • Check your policy wording to ascertain exactly what you are entitled to claim for and any issues which may affect liability.
  • Prepare, submit and negotiate your claim.
  • Deal directly with your lender or insurer and their loss adjuster, depending on the claim type.
  • Help provide the best specialists, such as report writers or accountants, who are independent from us and your lender or insurer.
  • Work hard to persuade the defendant to accept liability.
  • Work with you to pursue third party claims if possible, where defective goods, services, negligence can be proved, to claim back excess losses.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Cardinal House, Manchester

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